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From Formulation to Execution

Here at Progress Consulting we realize that Strategic Value can only be achieved by following through with Strategy Execution after plans have been formulated. Consequently, our focus area services dedicated to Strategy and Performance Management Consulting from one angle and Project Management from another angle are strongly linked together. We take pride in delivering world class services that assist our clients in the full cycle of value creation from developing and formulating Strategic Plans to executing Projects that deliver Strategic Directions and Objectives. Our unique offering of establishing and running Strategic Portfolio Management Offices (SPMO) is the pinnacle of our integrated efforts to provide the client with a full service spectrum to achieve value. The company also builds on the extensive experience of its partners who have contributed to developing the content for Strategy to Project Management linkage in PMI’s Standards.


Services covered in any business enhancement solution must touch all elements that impact the application of the implemented enhancement. Any organization needs skills, tools and processes to undertake any new project successfully. Accordingly any enhancement project must effect and be affected by all three elements, People (skills), Technology (software & tools) and Processes. These are the main pillars on which Progress bases its overall philosophy in enhancing the performance of organizations.

Accordingly, the services covered in any project must develop and upgrade all elements which make the effective application of solution possible as per the below diagram.



To be able to efficiently develop and implement state-of-the-art solutions that address the particular needs of our clients, we carry out our projects utilizing a structured approach named the ADD-TO Methodology. Our ADD-TO Implementation Methodology revolves around the focus and commitment to advance through every stage in the implementation guaranteeing that it shall add to the client assets by providing the added value in know-how, capabilities and the capacities to deliver the functionality of the enhancement or solution.



Progress Consulting developed an Integrated Enterprise Management Model to track and measure performance indicators throughout organizational management levels and various perspectives and to foster collaborated efforts for integrated Strategy Management and Project Portfolio Management by Establishing a Strategic Portfolio Management Office (SPMO) linked with operational and human capital levels in the organization and enabled by Technology.

Management levels included in the model are:

  • Strategic Portfolio Management

  • Initiatives Management (Programs and Projects)

  • Operations and Business Process Management

  • Human Capital Management

Enterprise (720).png


Progress Consulting’s approach to realize an Effective Strategy Plan and Efficient Strategy Execution and thus achieve Strategic Value is exhibited through the Progress SPMO Implementation Process as per the below.

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