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Progress Consulting is a MENA Regional Provider of Professional Services, specialized in the Project / Program / Portfolio / PMO / Performance / Strategy Management Consultancy Field.

Progress Consulting developed an Integrated Enterprise Management Model to track and measure performance indicators throughout organizational management levels and various perspectives and to foster collaborated efforts for integrated Strategy Management and Project Portfolio Management by Establishing a Strategic Portfolio Management Office (SPMO) linked with operational and human capital levels in the organization and enabled by Technology.

Our mission at Progress Consulting is to Assist organizations in improving their capabilities and capacities in managing their business strategies and project portfolios in a more professional, effective and efficient method; enabling them to better plan their strategy and projects, to better control and manage their entire project portfolio and thus to realize planned progress and achieve strategic value.

Although we deal with our customers by adapting close and customer centric focus, this cordial approach in collaboration is coupled with the added value we bring to our customers.


"At Progress Consulting, we tackle our business as a cause and not as an investment"


Why Choose Progress?

At a time when business methodologies and technologies continue to advance and organizations are demanding more from planned initiatives to improve and differentiate their business, the rewards of relying on professional services and solutions can be momentous. But in today’s business climate crowded with questionable service providers, these rewards are in jeopardy. As a result, corporate and governmental executives are more than ever now looking for capable external expertise whom they can really trust and rely on. This is where Progress Consulting comes into the formula as an experienced, capable, trusted partner.

So, what differentiates professional service providers from the crowd? At the end only two things can impact the quality of services to separate a company from competition; the level of professionalism of its services and the level of professionalism of its people.

• Many service providers in the MENA Region lack the capability to provide real state-of-the-art technologies, methodologies or solutions and will provide a much primitive alternative service that is far from global practice levels.
• International firms may set foot through branch offices to find themselves struggling in delivering value due to unfamiliarity with the local particularities of the MENA Region.
• Other firms build agencies for international firms when they lack the needed level of understanding of the services offered and thus fail to support and sustain local delivery.

Progress Consulting rises above all these obstacles

• We are a Regional Group with complete awareness of the local market and culture in the MENA region.
• We are affiliated with international leading firms in the domains we serve.
• Our executive members possess intense international expertise and are subject matter experts in the domains we serve.

At Progress Consulting, we tackle our business as a cause and not as an investment, so what also makes us different is the fact that we are consultants not vendors. This means that our success is aligned with the success of our clients. We advise clients on which technologies, methodologies and solutions provide the best value to help them better perform, compete and grow and we actively help them achieve these goals. As a conclusion, we believe that when you rely on us as a partner for professional services, you rely on the best elements for a formula of success.


Mohamed Gebriel
Founder & General Manager
Progress Consulting

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